Sarah was born in 1924. Her father Haim, came to Zikhron-Yaacov as a Jewish soldier with the Turkish Army, and met her mother Esther, who was working in Aharon Ahronson’s laboratory. They moved to Haifa. Sarah grew up in the mixed city. Their home in the Tel-Amal neighbourhood stood next to the Arab neighbourhood ‘Chalissa’, whose young Arabs harassed the Jews. Aged 14, she joined Hagannah, underwent field-training and  participated in the great Rally against White Book policies restricting immigration. The demand to turn in Etzel/Lehi members aroused her objection; she found herself growing nearer to Lehi ideology. As a former Hagannah member it was hard to gain Lehi members’ trust. In Haifa she met Miki Barzilai, who’d arrived in Israel illegally from Hungary, joined the British Army but defected  after witnessing their shameful treatment of Holocaust survivors. Sarah and Miki were married and moved to the Pardes-Hanna region, where Miki found  work and  a house near his workplace. Son Amos was born. They dreamt of joining Lehi and at last were contacted by Lehi member Ben-Menachem, who recruited them. Their house became an active center: ‘Hama’as’ Newspaper was  distributed from there to the region, weapons and equipment were hidden there, and an ideology course took place. Sarah and Miki moved to the kitchen making place for participants. Sarah cooked daily for course members. A noisy stove was placed before the house to cover participants’ voices. Refuge was provided there for Eldad, whom British Police were intensely searching for. Sarah and Miki knew their work was risky. Eldad remained at their house for a few months. Five more years of intense activity ensued, with much dread. Following establishment of the State, Sarah completed her studies in Teaching and Education.  Younger son Gil’ad was born and the family built their house in Haifa. Miki passed away May 25, 1987. Sarah passed away aged 74. On May 22, 1998 she was buried in Zikhron-Ya’acov, beside her husband. She had many grandchildren and was surrounded by many loving friends, who took care of her.