NAME: Barzilai (Grinwald) Rina


DATE OF DEATH: 4 December, 1956

Rina Barzilai is the daughter of Malchiel Greenwald. She was an active member in Lehi in Jerusalem. During the battles against the Arabs in Jerusalem, she took part as combat medic. She was active in the first aid units for victims from Lehi and turned her home into a hospital.

After the independence of Israel, she worked as a nurse at Hadassah Hospital.

Rina died in tragic circumstances on December 4th, 1956. She was laid to rest in the Cemetery on Har Hemenuhot in Jerusalem.

She was the ex-wife of Lehi member Barzilai (Eisenshtater) Moshe – “Yossef”, she was survived by an 8-year-old daughter.