NAME: Bardanov Adi


DATE OF BIRTH: 6 January, 1931

Adi Bardanov, son of Miriam and Shimon, was born in Jerusalem on January 6th, 1931. In April 1936, when the events of the Arab Revolt began, his father was stabbed by an Arab. Two years later, his father died and Adi and his mother and brother moved to his grandfather’s house in the Zichron Moshe neighborhood. The trial and death of Shlomo ben Yossef in 1938, the first Olei Hagardom to die, made a strong impression on him that stuck with him his whole life. As a teenager, Adi worked in the political department of the Jewish Agency and studied at Arav High School. At the time, he was a member of the Haganah. Beatings he received from British soldiers motivated him to join the Lehi. He knew some people in his neighborhood that would hang posters, and through them he was recruited to Lehi in a short ceremony in an open field in Kerem Avraham neighborhood. When they suggested that he be nicknamed ‘Hagai’, Adi asked to be called: Arie. Adi joined a cell under the command of “Hannah”, and among the cell members were Ezra Yachin “Elnakam” and Alexander Rubovich “Haim”. Adi’s first underground operation was on Shiloh Street, near Mahane Yehuda Market. Danny Har Habait (Temple Mount), later known as Danny Beit Hamikdash (Temple), brought two homemade grenades that could be ignited by rubbing them on a matchbox. They through the grenades towards the building which served as a British police station near Davidka Square in Jerusalem. The loud explosions could be heard from afar. Adi’s cell dealt extensively with hanging posters. On one occasion a British armored vehicle passed by and fired at those who were hanging posters. After his membership in the Lehi was exposed, he was fired from his job at the agency, and a ‘random’ arrest by the British made him realize that he had been exposed and had to leave Jerusalem. Adi was sent to Haifa for a meeting with another Lehi member, but he did not appear. Adi later moved to a kibbutz in the Zevulun Valley and began working in agriculture. But also there, without his friends’ knowledge, he continued to carry out tasks for Lehi, mainly surveillance of British vehicles and convoys driving on the roads near the kibbutz. Together with members of the Hachshara, he joined the Palmach, and thus served in three underground organizations and contributed to the independence of Israel. In 1956, Adi lost his brother, Lt. Yermiyahu “Yermi” Bardanov, who fell in an operation in Qalqiliya. Adi served for years as an IDF officer, was discharged in the mid-1960s with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and joined the Association for the Soldier, in which he established Beit HaHayal in Jerusalem. He received the Lehi badge.