NAME: Barazani Shaul


DATE OF BIRTH: February 12, 1924

Shaul was born February 12, 1924 in Baghdad Iraq, to  Avraham and Lulu. His father was a Bible Scribe, his mother a housewife raising their six children. The Zionist family made Aliyah 1933 and settled in Jerusalem. The house was nationalist religious and Shaul studied at a Talmud-Torah. Aged 15 he joined Etzel with his parents’ consent.  He underwent training, pasted up info-bulletins and ran errands. After the split in Etzel, he followed Yair to Lehi. His superior, Shabbtai Levi, wanted by the British with a prize over his head, hid a few days at their home. When Shaul went to paste up info-bulletins, his mother prepared his glue. His contact with Lehi discontinued, and on January 1, 1942 the 17.5-year-old Shaul joined the British Army; after joining, contact was renewed. He was positioned in Egypt and during furloughs, smuggled weapons for Lehi in Israel from his camp, hiding them at his parents’ home until their transfer to the underground.

During service in Egypt, on May 2, 1946, he married Rachel Ezuz. On June 16, 1946 he was discharged, returned to Israel, settling in Petach-Tikva, and resumed activities under Chagai Eshed. He put up  info-bulletins  honoring  Yair’s Memorial Day,. During  another tasking, Shaul was arrested by British police with a friend, sent to Jaffa Prison, then transferred to  Latrun Prison Camp. He participated in the tunnelling which was underway for escape, but an informer revealed their plans to the authorities.

Before the British withdrew from the country, prisoners and detainees were transferred to Atlit Camp, from where he was released May 19, 1948. Shaul joined the IDF, serving in the navy. He was discharged June 30, 1950. He later worked in many places: in a mine, the Post Office, in Tahal drilling for water, in the Army Engineering Unit, as a helmsman at Eilat Harbour, and even participating in an agricultural settlement, Nir-Moshe, 1955. Finally he returned to work at the Port Authority, retiring from there after 25 years. The Barazanis are Eilat residents with four children: Moshe, Dalia, Michal and Yechezkel, plus thirteen grandchildren. Gardening is Shaul’s hobby.