NAME: Bar-Yehoshua Dvora nee Tchorsh


DATE OF DEATH: August 12, 2000

Dvora was born 1923 in Wolochbek  Poland, to Rabbi Katriel Fischel and Hanna. The Tchorsh family had nationalist awareness, and religious Jewish tradition. Her father was active in “Hamizrachi” movement. At home Dvora absorbed  love of the Jewish People and  its homeland, Land of Israel. In 1931 the family left the diaspora and came to Israel. Tel-Aviv welcomed the new immigrants. Her father became the rabbi of  Shapira neighbourhood, and was later made member of the Rabbinica Highl Council. Rabbi Tchorsh was an ardent supporter of Lehi and Etzel; his household became a  hiding place  for fighters. The atmosphere and nationalist education at home and at the religious school the children attended, led Dvora’s brother Avraham to Etzel. Later she  discovered that her cousin Shimon was an Etzel fighter as well. The friendship which developed between them led to their marriage, when Dvora was 19. In 1942 Shimon joined Lehi; Dvora moved to Haifa with her family, where their small apartment became a base and refuge for their fighter friends while visiting the city during activities. Dvora, young mother of a baby, and her husband’s right-hand, transported weapons and pamphlets in her baby carriage. Later the CID got wind of the apartment, and raided it. They arrested five fighters, including Shimon – released  shortly afterwards –  and the family moved to her parents’ Tel-Aviv house. Unfortunately Shimon was again arrested and exiled for a long period to Prison Camps in Africa. Following the War of Independence the couple had two more children. Oldest son Yitzchak, married and had one son, but died of long illness.  Mourning was so great , it took Dvora years to recover. When she finally did, and her two children’s marriage and birth of grandchildren brought a measure of happiness to her life, Shimon died, leaving her bereaved and ill. She passed away on August 12, 2000. Dvora was buried next to her husband Shimon in the Fighters’ Section of Haifa Cemetery. She left behind two children, David and Rina, six grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.