Haim, the son of Hamama Meuda and Shalom was born in 1931 in Aridi, a village in Yemen. His father worked in transporting packages and money from Aden to Yemen. His mother worked in pottery and raised the five children. At the age of 10 he left home and made aliya through Aden within the framework of Youth Aliya.

 He lived initially in the children’s village of Meir Shefiya but after a short period moved to Gush Etzion, where he was educated and absorbed the love of the homeland (most people he met there were killed in the defense of the village during the War of Independence). He studied at the Kfar Ganim Yeshiva in Petah Tikva, where he joined Etzel. He moved to Hod HaSharon where he lost connection with Etzel and joined Lehi. He underwent a weapons training course in Ra’anana, and put up posters in Kfar Sava. Following a violent encounter with Haganah members he was forced to seek refuge in Kfar Shlomo near Tel Mond. He participated in the attempt to kidnap a British officer in Ramatayim but the operation was unsuccessful. He also participated in the bombing of Beit Shanti in Magdiel and survived miraculously when the sabotage man prematurely activated the device.

 He joined the IDF together with all the other Lehi members and served in the 8th Brigade commanded by Yitzhak Sade. He participated in the Dani Operation, the battle for Kfar Ana, the liberation of Lod and Ramleh, Iraq el Manshiya and Iraq el Souidan, and the liberation of the Negev and Beer Sheba.

In December 1949 he was discharged from the army. From his first wife, from whom he later separated, he had a son Avshalom. He later married Noami, née Karta, who bore him seven children, Efrat, Assaf, Avital, Shira, Orit, Matan and Chen and three grandchildren, Amit, Yedid and Bat-El. They all served in the army and work for the security of the state.

Haim worked as a building supervisor, as a prosecutor in a court dealing with construction and business cases, in the Ef’al district council. He resides in Herzliya and works as a cemetery supervisor on behalf of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Haim is a joyous man and loves his country, Israel.