Kenda was born in Lodz Poland December 8, 1926, to her parents Shlomo and Rivka. Her father a Gur Hassid, was a merchant. Until the outbreak of World War II she studied in an elementary school in Lodz. Between 1940 and 1944 she was in the Lodz Ghetto, then  Auschwitz Concentration Camp, and additional Labour Camps. She was freed by the Red Army on  May 8, 1945. Her parents and two brother perished in the Holocaust.

After the war she returned to Lodz and joined the “Ichud” (Unity) Zionist movement, where she also worked. She was likewise active in the “Escape” movement.

In August 1947 she came to Israel with  ‘Aliya Bet’, using falsified documents,  taking along with her a girl from France, from  the Youth Aliya. Immediately after her arrival in Israel, she joined Lehi.

In May 1948 she joined the IDF, as part of the Lehi Brigade. She served in the 8th Brigade 82nd Battalion, as the battalion paramedic, also serving as a translator for the battalion commander, who did not speak Hebrew. After her discharge she worked in the Ministry of Defence’s  Commemoration Branch.

She married Ya’acov Bar-Gera, a Lehi member in 1950. They had three children: Rivka, Dov and Shlomit, and seven grandchildren.

In 1963 she left with her husband and children to Germany. She has been working in the Art business for 35 years, an expert on Twentieth Century Avant-garde Art.