Natan was born in Brisk Poland on December 6, 1917, to his parents Hanna and Shmuel, a nationalist-traditional family. Aged two he lost his father, murdered by Polish anti-Semitic gangs. Hanna, a young widow, raised the four children alone; the fourth, born after his father’s death, was named after him. Natan studied at  elementary school, later at vocational ‘Ort’, where he met many Beitar friends. Immigrating to Israel was his wish.

Beginning of 1938 he established the secret Etzel cell in Brisk, contacting Etzel headquarters Poland. Later that year he fulfilled his dream, and set sail to Israel aboard the “Jaffo”, Beitar ‘Af-Al-Pi’ Aliya-ship which sunk near Crete. Its passengers boarded the already packed ‘Katina’ vessel, reaching Israel after many hardships. Natan joined  Beitar Rehovot and afterwards moved to Nachalat-Yitzhak, near Jerusalem. He joined Lehi when Etzel split. He moved to Rehovot, working in the orchards. His relatives there, suspecting his underground membership, rejected him. Natan moved to Netanya, and worked in the diamond industry. In one of the British searches he was arrested, held in Tul-Karem, then released for lack of evidence. In Netanya he met Mala Kepler. They married in secret on August 22, 1944. During the days of the “Saison” (Lehi members’ persecution), their house served as a safe meeting place, where members were given  warm meal and bed. Even after moving to Tel-Aviv, their house continued to be welcoming and safe for underground members, in their darkest hour. Natan Yelin-Mor stayed there after escaping Latrun. After establishment of the State Natan joined   ‘Givati’ Brigade’s 52nd Battalion, taking part in the Negba battles and the conquest of Iraq-Souidan. He  participated in the Sinai Campaign. Natan’s family perished in the Holocaust; brother Mordechai, the only survivor, came to live in his house. Nathan passed away from an illness June 12, 1986. He left behind his wife, who shared the same vision, two sons Shmuel and Ilan, and six grandchildren. Natan was an idealist, loving his people and his land; modest and loyal, with a limitless sense of giving. He was buried in the Lehi section in Holon.