NAME: Badian Zeev Willy


DATE OF BIRTH: January 26, 1925

DATE OF DEATH: September 5, 1997

Zeev was born  January 26, 1925 in Chernovitch Romania, only child of  Moshe and Nacha Badian who belonged to the city’s cultural community. Zeev excelled in his studies, studied Music and was accepted at the town’s prestigious school. He joined Beitar, absorbing a nationalist Zionist education, love of Israel and the aspiration to make Aliya. During the Nazi occupation of Romania WWII, he and his family managed to survive. They sailed in 1944 aboard a rickety ship to Turkey, then crossing Syria, arrived in Israel and were imprisoned by the British at the Atlit Camp. After release, he learned the diamond profession in Netanya and joined Lehi 1945. Due to his mastery of languages, education and intelligence he was placed in the Intelligence Dept. He was active in the Tel-Aviv region, connecting with many foreign and local journalists, acquiring great credibility in their milieu. July 1947 Zeev was sent to Jerusalem to manage the Intelligence Department. He participated in the Information Dept., wording broadcasts and publications. He served as assistant and consultant to the Lehi leader in Jerusalem, Yehoshua Zetler (Meir), headed Lehi’s Information division in the war, with regards to Jerusalem’s place as  capital of Israel, fighting the plan to internationalize the city. Zeev initiated  activating the clandestine English radio station in Jerusalem, as a weapon of psychological warfare against the British. He was a soldier at ‘Dror’ Camp  Talbiyeh until its closure. In September 1948, before Bernadotte’s assassination, Zeev arrived in Tel-Aviv, was arrested, then imprisoned in Akko. After the general amnesty, he joined the Warriors’ Party “Halochamim”, and later joined Dr. Yisrael Eldad in his ideological path. He was a member of the journal ‘Sulam’, assisting in its publication. In 1952,  suspected of belonging to the ‘Kingdom of Israel’ (Malchut Yisrael) underground,  he was arrested, interrogated, but released for lack of evidence. He married his Lehi girlfriend  Yaffa Dromi 1953; they had two children, Urit and Yair and four grandchildren. He was  director of marketing for  British Airways Israel 30 years. Zeev passed away September 5,1997 aged seventy-two.