Aharon was born in Tel-Aviv on January 15, 1927 to  Zalman David and Fruma, both from Poland; Orthodox Jews and lovers of the Land of Israel. They’d immigrated in 1924 and settled in Tel-Aviv, where they lived most of their lives, spending only their last days in Jerusalem.

Aharon studied at first in a Cheder, then studied Torah in Tel-Aviv. After he finished his studies, he continued studying at the ‘Gur-Arieh Yeshiva’ in Tel-Aviv and then in Jerusalem. At his parents’ house he received a nationalist Jewish education and from his youth, wanted to see the establishment of a free independent Hebrew state in Israel. This is what motivated him to agree to his friend Nathan Grenevitch’s proposal, that he join the ranks of Lehi, 1946. He was mainly involved with recruitment of new members, supporters and sympathisers. Among other activities he was involved in finding hiding places for underground members  wanted by the British authorities, as well as locations for storing weapons. He also recruited medical doctors. Aharon was known to his friends  as a man dedicated heart and soul, to the idea of the rise of the Hebrew Nation, in its own homeland.

On June 1, 1947 he married Rachel Fox.

Aharon made his living working in weaving. With establishment of the State, he joined the Israeli army and served in the Air Force, then in the Jaffa ‘Dejani’ Hospital, until the War of Independence ended. Afterwards he worked as a clerk in ‘Hamizrahi’ Bank.

In 1995 Aharon fell terminally ill. He died on  March 7, 1995. He left behind a wife, three children, and eighteen grandchildren. He was laid to rest in the cemetery on  ‘Har-Tamir’, near  Jerusalem’s  Mt. of Eternal Repose, in the Hassidic section.