Shimon was born in Sofia Bulgaria, on October 1, 1923 to  Yoseph and Sultana nee Bashan. He was an excellent  elementary school pupil. He finished his studies at ‘Herzliya’ high-school inTel-Aviv. In Bulgaria he absorbed the national Zionist spirit and joined Beitar. He came to Israel 1940, soon joining Lehi. After undergoing instruction and routine activities he was assigned to Lehi Intelligence department (Dept. 6). He established contacts with Jews  working as clerks and artisans in military bases, especially offices and command centers and received lots of information from them, useful for planning attacks and for sabotaging military bases. Dept.6 received specific information regarding British military units – their location, personnel, security arrangements, location of weapon storage, etc. The material was arranged and filed very carefully.  He managed to be recruited for work in Tsrifin Camp. After he learnt the operating procedures there, he and other members smuggled in a few bombs with delay devices, placed at different points at camp; only a few worked. The most striking example of sensitive confidential material  Dept.6  obtained, was the  British Forces Evacuation Order to leave. After establishment of the State, Lehi members joined the IDF; Shimon served in the 8th Brigade and took part in all its battles until  war’s end. In the 1950s he was among the founders of the “Tsrifin Underground”; caught and sentenced to twelve years, he escaped, but was caught again six months later. He and the other sentenced members were granted  amnesty after half a year and released. He fought in all Israel’s wars, including Yom-Kippur. He joined the Herut movement and was a ‘Center’ member many years. His friends and loved ones regarded him as a wise person of depth, well-read, very giving, and beloved by his entire family and by his friends. Shimon married Tamar Otzital and they had three sons: Yuval, Itai and Gilad, plus five grandchildren. He worked as Price Supervisor in the Kergal Company and later founded “Bachar Packaging Ltd”, which he managed for years, until  passing away April 23, 1995. He was buried in the Savion Cemetery.