Avraham was born in Pazzarjik  Bulgaria  January 30, 1922 to Sarah and Nathan. The family had two sons and a daughter. They were national-Zionist and observant. The father was a wood merchant, mother a housewife. In his childhood he studied at the Hebrew elementary school, and the Bulgarian high-school. Aged thirteen he joined Beitar with his friends. They were recruited by Jacques Arieh, Zionist activist who founded  Beitar in Pazzarjik. Avraham was very active and became deputy-commander. During the Nazi occupation, Avraham worked at a labour-camp until war’s end. In 1945, as part of the training nucleus of “Hachalutz” (Pioneer) where he was active at the time, he immigrated legally to Israel aboard the ship “Transylvania”. The nucleus was absorbed by Kibbutz Na’an. There, he contacted his friends who’d emigrated from Bulgaria and were active in Lehi. He was active in Tel-Aviv,   pasting up info-bulletins, distributing  info-material, doing surveillance; he underwent weapons-training courses for light weaponry, explosives, intelligence, detective work and security. He did whateverhe was instructed to do.  May 1948 he joined the IDF at the general Lehi parade in Sheikh-Monis. He served in the 8th Brigade, 89th Battalion, first under the leadership of Blond Dov, then later in Arieh the Redhead’s backup unit. He was injured during  Operation Dani in the conquest of Lod. After recovery he returned to the Battalion and was discharged 1949 as an IDF Disabled Soldier.

Avraham lived in Jaffa with his parents, sister and brother, who came to Israel 1949. For their income, his father worked in construction. Avraham underwent training courses in Accountancy and worked 25 years as an accountant at the Jewish Agency. From 1974 he worked at  Le’umi Bank  in accountancy, retiring 1994. Avraham married Rachel Philosoph, an accountant, 1957; they have two married daughters and three grandchildren. Avraham has been active over twenty years as a member of the Executive Board of the Bulgarian Retirement Home Rishon-Le-Zion. He takes care of the elderly and is  a Likud member, in the organisational department. His wife Rachel volunteers at a healthcare clinic.