NAME: Axelrod Avraham

DATE OF BIRTH: October 2, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: December 15, 2016

Avraham was born in Tel-Aviv  October 2, 1924 to Moshe and Sarah. He studied at the Geula Commercial High School and was a member of  Maccabi-Tsa’ir. The family lived on the Jaffa-Tel-Aviv seam and Avraham’s youth was spent in the shadow of the struggle and conflict with the Arabs. As a five-year-old  his family had to leave their house at night and move to his grandfather’s house, during the Arab riots of 1929. His impressions from those events, and the murderous Arab riots 1936-1939, plus learning about historical Hebrew heroes motivated him to join  Etzel beginning 1939. When Etzel split in 1940, he went along with the Central Command. However after commanders like Dov and Hanoch departed, his link greatly weakened; this was a period of great depression for him. Slowly the ideological differences between the undergrounds  emerged; he decided to join Lehi 1941. During the intermediary period, there was an attempt to recruit him to  ‘Palmach’ but he avoided this using different excuses. On 02.05.1942, shortly after the attempted assassination of Officer Morton, Avraham was arrested at his parents’ house. He was brought to  C.I.D. Headquarters  Jaffa and beaten during  interrogation, denying any links with the underground. But when his interrogators presented him before other men, they confessed  he was an underground man. He was transferred to Jaffa Prison, from there to Mizra, Latrun, and then exiled to Africa on October 19, 1944. He was imprisoned in the camps of Sambal  Eritrea,  Carthago  Sudan,  Eritrea once again and lastly Gilgil  Kenya. After the Declaration of Independence, Avraham was returned on  July 12, 1948 with the remaining exiles, after six years’ imprisonment in Israel and abroad. He then joined the IDF and served for the entire duration of the war in the 12th Brigade ‘Palmach’, taking part in all its battles, including Operation Eye (“Aiyin”) at El-Arish.  Avraham married Ditza Yanai March 15, 1955 and they have three children, Moshe, Dalya and Tamar, and six grandchildren. Avraham worked 20 years in the large ‘Rasco Construction Co.’ and 17  in ‘Azorim Construction’, as  project manager, in planning, and in advisory capacities.