Rachel was born to Eliezer and Bilha, in Ternov  Poland, November 24, 1924. Youngest of four, she had two brothers, Moshe and Ze’ev, and a sister, Sarah. Her home was religious and well off. She studied at a Polish school, loved reading and excelled in painting from a young age. With rising Polish anti-Semitism, her family made Aliyah 1935, starting out in Tel-Aviv. Her father who’d been a merchant, wanted to be a farmer in Israel and bought a farm. When the riots broke out, Purim 1936, they arrived in Kfar-Saba.

Rachel studied at ‘Beit-Ya’acov’ then  ‘Usishkin’ schools. Active in the scouts and Beitar and very popular, she excelled in painting, particularly drawing maps; three maps were sent to a London exhibit. Their farm failed, so to assist financially, Rachel stopped studying at 15, and began working polishing diamonds. Autodidact, she acquired her education through extensive  reading. Influenced by Yehushua and Nacha Cohen she joined Lehi at 16 serving as their contact person after undergoing weapons courses and training in underground procedures. Rachel supplied  bread daily for Yehushua and Necha (hiding in the orchards)  and friends. Attached to Dept. Six, she followed British CID and Police officers, Jewish collaborators, and put up info-bulletins at dawn. She met Buki 1944 on one of the operations. In 1945 her activity under Ya’acov (Mazal) was diverse: preparing operation files, weekly trips with him to Avraham Gafni – an architect who instructed her on creating operational maps for taskings, and instruction manuals for weaponry. Rachel and Buki married in 1946 and her activities lessened. Their home served as shelter for those in need. Buki’s friends, holocaust survivors, found refuge at their home. They had two daughters: Niva died aged 16, and Esty, a social worker. Esti and her husband Oded had four children: sons Eyal,  Alon, and daughters  Orly and Ephrat .  Rachel worked as proof-reader for “Davar” and “Ma’ariv” newspapers, and studied painting at ‘Avni Institute’ seven years.  . Her  biography appeared in the book “No-one Wrote Their Tale”. Buki passed away on February 1, 2001.