NAME: Avnon (Ivinder) Baruch Buki


DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 1918

DATE OF DEATH: February 1, 2001

Buki was born to Yehuda Zvi and Esther on October 10, 1918 in Lutzk, Poland. He was the youngest of six children. When he was two years of age he lost his mother and his sister Gitel raised him. His scholar father taught Torah. His brothers and sisters all perished in the Holocaust, except for Gitel, who raised a marvelous family. 

     Buki studied at a Heder, an elementary school and a commercial school. He joined Beitar aged 16, was then made commander of the Lutzk cell and in 1938 underwent the first Etzel commander course in Poland. When the Russians invaded Poland he escaped to Vilnius, was sent twice to search for escape routes to Israel, and was twice arrested and sat in Russian prisons. The leadership put him in charge of a newly founded agricultural farm in Marglovka, Lithuania to train people for making aliya.  A US relative helped him to buy forged papers enabling him to go to Turkey where the Joint supported him for a year until he obtained the necessary Certificate. He made aliya in 1941 together with his Etzel comrades known as the Polish Group. When Etzel split he joined Lehi. Buki worked as a manager in a diamond factory, giving all his salary to the underground to buy weapons. He rented, at his own expense, rooms for wanted underground members, built hideouts for weapons, established a radio station and tested and operated it. Eliahu Beit-Zuri, the scaffold victim, brought the first transmitter and stayed at his place frequently. Buki escorted Beit-Zuri to the train station on his way to Egypt and delivered the necessary papers to him.

     When Yitzhak Shamir (Michael) was in hiding, Buki lived together with him and his wife Shulamit, and guarded Michael faithfully on his nightly meetings. He became a true friend of theirs. In one of the operations that took place in 1944 he met Rachel Fertig and on April 2, 1946 they married. Their home was a hideout and meeting place for the Hama’as staff. Friends of his who survived the Holocaust and made aliya also found refuge in their home. When the state was established Buki joined the IDF in Sheikh Munis. He escorted the body of Ya’acov Grenk (The Tall Blonde) and his widow to Tel-Aviv. After his demobilization Buki worked in Elisha Press and in the National Health Maintenance Organization and won the Excellent Worker award. He was a humble and modest man who loved mankind and was loved by all of his acquaintances and was dedicated to his family. Buki and Rachel had two daughters, Esthy and Niva who passed away at the age of 16 after a long illness. Esthy is a social worker. She and Oded had four children, Eyal, Alon, Orly and Efrat. 

     Buki passed away on February 1, 2001 after years of terrible suffering and was buried in Kiryat Shaul, not far from his daughter Niva.