NAME: Avivi (Meisky) Reuven



DATE OF DEATH: October 15, 1996

Reuven was born in Shavuot  1915 in Baranovitz  Belarus to his mother Liva and father Moshe Issicovitch. He studied at art-school in Vilnius. From an early age he was in  Beitar, among the first to join Etzel National Cells  in Baranovitz. He made Aliyah 1939 with the “Af-Al-Pi” Illegal Aliya, and was named Reuven Meisky from then. In 1941 he joined Lehi operating wherever required. In his room, on Tel-Aviv’s beachfront, he hid wanted underground members. Eventually he rented an apartment in south Tel-Aviv, turning it into a drawing studio.This apartment was used by Lehi for “Documentation” (document forging): the inner room had a double wall built in concealing the forging equipment used to create certificates, passports etc. Inside, a small staff of three produced identity cards for members wanted by the British Police, driving licences for members  unable to appear at the Licensing Authorities for fear of arrest, and even entry-passes to military bases, special visas for members travelling abroad, and so on. With the establishment of the IDF, Reuven enlisted, with the other Lehi members, on May 29,1948, after the Sheikh-Munis parade. He served in the 8th Brigade’s 82nd Battalion, and took part in the Brigade’s battles. After the war he continued in the military. Due to his artistic abilities, he was put in Engineering and worked in creating concealment. Reuven served 29 years in the IDF and retired a Lieutenant Colonel at age  65. In 1945 he married his Lehi girlfriend Hanna Ya’covson, who’d served in the 8th Brigade, and was  the first Lehi member  wounded, injured in the first battle. Reuven loved his people and  country and was willing to sacrifice all for their sake. When he went to enlist for the Israeli army, he was happy to join the Hebrew Army openly. He Hebraized  his name from Meiski to Avivi. After retirement, he travelled to Baranovitz, to gather the remains of the town members so as to erect a memorial for those who’d perished in the Holocaust. Reuven died at a ripe old age October 15, 1996. He was laid to rest at the Yarkon Cemetery.