NAME: Avishai (Avisayoff) Shaul

DATE OF BIRTH: 18 January, 1934

Shaul Avishai was born on Monday January 18th, 1934, in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, one of seven children of Moshe and Rachel Avisayoff. His father Moshe was a member of the Hagana and joined the rescue squad in Jerusalem that assisted in clearing debris caused by heavy Arab bombing and artillery.

In May 1948, Shaul’s father, Moshe, was injured when the squad was called to the corner of Kiach and Jaffa Streets to assist the wounded from the bombing. A month and a half later, he died of his wounds.

Shaul joined the Lehi underground Youth Division and worked in general positions under the command of Ezra Yachin “Elanakam”.

Shaul is a historian studying the history of underground and radical organizations from the beginning of the twentieth century to the first years of the establishment of the State of Israel. He wrote several books including: Kimurim Ba-sharsheret: Sipur (Jerusalem: Ogden, 1963), The Hashmonaim Alliance: The Struggle for Israel’s Independence (Jerusalem: Reuven Mas, 2007), Underground Propaganda (Jerusalem : Reuven Mas, 2008).