NAME: Aviram (Mizrachi) Nissim



DATE OF DEATH: December 14, 2002

Nissim was born in 1924 in Urpa (Chaldean-Ur)  Turkey to his parents Moshe and Victoria. His family made Aliyah illegally 1930, through Syria and Lebanon, settling in Rishon Le-Zion, where  his mother’s parents lived. He was a member of Beitar from 1937 and after two years, joined Etzel. When the split occurred, he joined Yair. He received weapon training from Nichko (Nissim Reuven), and was later recruited to the “Bulgarian Cell” in Rishon Le- Zion. He was arrested due to an informer, while working as a civilian at the Sarafend military camp, and was hauled to the Jaffa Police bureau. Following a 48-hour interrogation, he was released for being a minor, but was forbidden from working at all governmental and military positions. He circumvented this restriction by changing his name in his new identity-card. Following the robbery in the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Tel-Aviv and the assassination of  Officer Tsufiyov, most Lehi members were arrested in his town, and he lost connection with the movement. In 1943 he returned to Etzel.

In that period he was among the founders of “The National Workers Front” and  represented the Front at the Labour Bureau. After the Declaration of Independence, he joined the Herut movement and served as Secretary of its Rishon Le-Zion branch. He was a founding member of the ‘Blue-White Party’, and its representative at the workers’ council in his town. Until today he serves as member of the Central Herut  Committee and as member of the executive board of the Rishon Le-Zion branch. In 1944 he married Adela  Kochav. They had four daughters and two sons, 20 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He worked as the manager of a Post Office branch, until his retirement 1990. Since then he is concentrated on his civic activities .