NAME: Avigad (Sharabi) Raphael Yehuda


DATE OF BIRTH: September 23, 1929

DATE FALLEN: October 27, 1948

Raphael was born September 23, 1929 in Tel-Aviv. His parents, Rabbi Zecharia and Tzipora (Sharabi) came from Yemen 1925  marrying in Israel. Raphael was eldest of eleven brothers. The family lived in south Tel-Aviv; they owned a grocery store. The father, a Rabbi and leader of the Yemenite Association, held numerous public positions and civic responsibilities. He wrote religious books about Halachic rulings. Raphael studied at ‘Mizrachi Primary Boys’ School’ and at a Cheder, in Hatikva neighbourhood. Raphael was thirsty for knowledge, very bright, studying religious and secular studies. Already in youth his love for the homeland shone out. He continued  studies at “Hayeshuv-Hachadash” Yeshiva. After a year he joined “Hashomer-Hatsa’ir”, training at Kibbutz Revivim.  Four months later, back in Tel-Aviv, he joined  Beitar then Lehi, without his parents’ knowledge. He participated in many operations, including the Barclay’s Bank heist.  With younger brother Eliezer who’d also joined Leh, they put up info-bulletins. During his period in Lehi, Raphael stayed at Tzrifin, on the rooftop of a house, where flyers were being produced and weapons training took place. Weapons were stashed inside the garden. When British soldiers showed up for a surprise search, he slid down from the roof on a water-pipe, escaping. Raphael worked at available jobs to earn a living for the family. Most of his time was dedicated to Lehi. He joined the IDF with Lehi members in 1948, served in Company A, of the 89th Battalion’s 8th Brigade, comprised mostly of Lehi veterans, commanded by ‘Blond Dov’. According to his friends, Raphael excelled in the battles of Lod and Ramla, in ‘Operation Dani’ and the operation at Kharatiya in the south. During the battle of Beit-Jubrin, left on his own at the machine-gun post, he continued firing at the enemy’s armoured vehicles, till getting hit by a shell which smashed  his legs. The enemy was rapidly approaching, ammunition was running out. Having no option, the force retreated. Raphael died of his injuries on October 27, 1948. He was buried at the military cemetery of Kfar- Varburg.

הנצחה אנדרטה ביער לח”י שבמשמר איילון
שמו של רפאל אביגד חרוט על לוח באנדרטה ביער לח”י
לבנת זכרון על שם רפאל אביגד בהיכל הזכרון הממלכתי בהר הרצל