NAME: Auerbach Chaim Shmuel


DATE OF BIRTH: June 4, 1928

DATE OF DEATH: August 14, 1991

Chaim was born June 4, 1928 in Haifa to his father Rabbi Yaacov Shimshon,   descendant of the “Ba’al Toldot” – Rabbi Yaacov Yoseph of Poland, and his mother, Chaya Dvora,  descendant of Rabbi Meruman. He was the fourth of five brothers. He spent his childhood in Haifa, and studied at the ‘Yavneh School’. The family moved to Safed and then Tiberias, there he continued his secondary education. His elder brother, Pinchas, was arrested and afterwards escaped from Latrun Detention Camp with 19 other members, tunnelling for many months, through one of the barracks to reach their freedom, and continue their fight . Chaim was educated in the spirit of love for the people and the homeland, identifying strongly with the underground’s battle against British rule and occupation. He joined Lehi 1946, underwent a weapons training course in Ra’anana and commenced  operating around Tiberias. Because of his activities, he was a suspect, and in  mid-1947  British Police arrested and interrogated him, then sent him to Latrun  Camp. Beginning 1948, when the British finally left, Jewish prisoners and detainees were concentrated at Atlit Prison and  held there till release. With the Declaration of Independence and creation of the IDF, Chaim enlisted with his underground comrades and was placed in the 8th Brigade, commanded by Yitzchak Sadeh. He was attached to the 89th Commando Battalion under Moshe Dayan’s command. His Company commander was Ya’acov Granek, ‘Tall Blonde Dov’. He participated in all the Brigade’s battles: at Ramla, Lod, and other areas. Following  discharge from the IDF, end of 1954, he married his beloved girlfriend Ahuva Liebling, new immigrant from Romania, and the couple established their household based on the values of Torah and Judaism. Chaim believed in the vision of Greater Israel  and  co-ordinated “Ha’tchiya” Movement, Tiberias. He dealt in import/export and other areas of commerce.

Still in his prime, aged merely 63, he passed away from an illness on August 14, 1991, and was laid to rest at the Segula Cemetery Petach-Tikva. Chaim left behind a wife and three children: Rivka, Arieh and Dov and numerous grandchildren.