NAME: Ashkenazi Hillel



Hillel, son of Shoshana and Yehuda, was born in Jerusalem 1933 to a religious family with six children. His father was a rabbi, who did not settle for  studying without working – he worked for his living at a flourmill. Hillel’s two brothers were Hagana members; his two sisters were in Etzel. Leah was arrested after an underground operation and imprisoned in Bethlehem one year and a half. Sister Tzipora was also arrested, and got released only after the British left the country. Hillel studied at “Etz-Hayim” Yeshiva then “Mizrahi High-School” and  the “Teachers’ Seminary”. He joined Lehi near the end of the British Mandate. He was recruited by instructors of the “Agudati Youth” movement, and integrated in the Religious “Zion Unit”, which took part in the siege on Jerusalem in various battles, including the attempt to break through into the Old City via “The New Gate”. With establishment of the State, Lehi members commenced activities as a legitimate political movement. He underwent an Instructors Course and began instructing youth groups. Following the assassination of Count Bernadotte, Nathan Yellin-Mor was arrested and Hillel became active in the campaign for Nathan Yellin-Mor’s election to Knesset. He continued his activities within a small group headed by Pinchas Ginossar. He served in the IDF Military Intelligence ( Lieutenant Colonel retired). Hillel married Ruthi Berland, from Yagur in 1955. After two years in Kibbutz Yagur, they returned to Jerusalem. Hillel served the State in various capacities : in the Dept.of Development, Commerce and Industry, Settlement, and Absorption. His final post was as General Manager of the Absorption Ministry. He studied Economics in Israel and abroad many years, Political Science, Public Management, and Law. He  still works as  a lawyer and entrepreneur. He also serves as public director of different financial companies. He’s member of the Jerusalem Music Academy’s executive board and that of the Camerta Orchestra. Hillel and Ruthi have four children and seven grandchildren.