Yeshayahu Alexander was born  February 4, 1926 in Praschov Czechoslovakia, to  Tereza and Herman Zvi. His had two sisters Hana and Gila, and a younger brother David. His grandfather was head of a Yeshiva in Prussbourg, and he  a Yeshiva student intended to be a Rabbi. When the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia  1938, his mother, sister and brother were killed but young Yeshayahu  hid in Budapest and managed to arrive in Israel with the notorious Kastner Train, where he met his father and  sister Hanna.

In 1944 Yeshayahu was educated at the youth village of Kfar-Hassidim. His first encounter with the British was during the siege on Kibbutz Givat-Haim. He recalled: “Illegal immigrants were hiding in the Kibbutz which was surrounded by the British and we the youth, armed with mere fighting sticks, charged against the army in armoured vehicles with Bren-guns. Somebody yelled out: For the Homeland – Forward! When their firing broke out, I was injured in the chest”. From there, the road to Lehi was short. He chose the cod-ename “Zfania”. He was active in  Netanya, and  sent to a theory course and weapons training. He circulated underground publications and excelled in recruiting new fighters. In May 1948 he joined the IDF with the Lehi Brigade and served in the 89th Battalion of the 8th Brigade  commanded byTall Blonde Dov. He took part in the  Brigade’s battles at Lod, Ramla, the Negev, and Uja-el- Hafir. After the war he lived in Jerusalem, working at the Income Tax Department and Attorneys of State’s Office. In 1958 he married Aviva  Zeiti, a Sabra, student at ‘Betzal’el’. Due to his involvement in establishing “Barzilay” Hospital, they moved to Ashkelon; Yeshayahu became  Deputy Manager. Later he was managing  health services Gaza and the Strip and was the first manager of Ashkelon’s “Halperin” old-age home. His three children, Er’ela, Anat and Dudu gave  Aviva and Yeshayahu grandchildren. His hobby was marching every morning on the seashore. Yeshayahu passed away  September 11, 2000, aged 74, and was buried in the Ashkelon Cemetery.