NAME: Ariel (Leibovitz) Yitzchak

DATE OF BIRTH: July 29, 1918

DATE OF DEATH: December 13, 1975

Yitzchak, son of Esther and Yaacov, was born on  July 29, 1918 in Zurich Switzerland. He made Aliyah with his parents. He began studying at the Regional School in Zurich, and after Aliyah continued at  ‘Herzliya High School’;  he transferred to ‘Mikve Yisrael Agricultural School’  graduating in 1936. He was active in Beitar, in “Zvulun” and in Maccabi’s swimming section. In 1933 he joined Etzel and in 1936 completed a Commanders Course in Zikhron-Ya’acov. He took part in various activities, especially in the Clandestine Immigration. In March 1939 he was sent by Yair on behalf of the “Irgun”, to Europe, to organise clandestine immigration activity. During his stay in Poland he instructed in an “Irgun” course in Mazarich. He was made Leading Commander of the ship “Parita”, which docked at Tel-Aviv’s shores  on  August 22, 1939, with 850 illegal immigrants on  board. With the division of Etzel, he joined Lehi. He was arrested by the British in January 1942 and went thru a path of  prisons  in Israel and Africa. He first stayed at the hospitals of Jaffa and Jerusalem, due to an accident that had befallen him in Jaffa Prison. He was then transferred to Jerusalem Prison,  Akko Prison and both Mizra and Latrun Prison Camps, back to Akko and again back to Latrun.

He was exiled with the first convoy of prisoners and did time at the African Prison Camps of Sambal, Carthago, Eritrea, and Gilgil Kenya. He returned with the last exiles in 1948. He immediately joined the navy and served as the manager of  Jaffa Port, in the rank of Naval Officer. After his release, he created a fishing company, and when it disintegrated fifteen years later, he dealt in Assessment for naval insurance.

Yitzchak passed away on December 13, 1975.