NAME: Ariel (Leibovitz) Ada (Adi)


DATE OF BIRTH: March 10, 1922

DATE OF DEATH: February 5, 2007

Ada was born  March 10, 1922 to Ya’acov and Esther in Zurich Switzerland. She made Aliyah with her parents on  October 2, 1929 – fulfilment of her family’s Zionist aspirations. Ada completed her studies at ‘Herzliya’ High-school and ‘Ben-Yehuda’ High-school in Tel-Aviv. She was active in Beitar, in the swimming section of Maccabi and in light athletics at ‘Maccabi Atid’.

Joining Etzel was a natural progression for her. At 13 she was involved in contact positions, transporting weapons, preparing food for men at the posts, surveillance, and observing any suspicious activities while illegal immigrants were disembarking. She was assigned to a group which studied First Aid. When the split occured she joined Lehi. She underwent a Commanders Course, worked in  secretarial work, at the printing section, instructing a group, and as Yashke Eliav’s personal bodyguard. Between 1941-1943 she worked as a Civilian secretary for the British Army, and at the end of 1943 enlisted in the British Air- Force, was transferred to Egypt and worked there as a wireless- radio operator. She performed various tasks for Lehi, working closely with Eliyahu Chakim and Eliyahu Ben-Zuri. March 1945 she was transferred to Jerusalem and after a month, to Ramallah Release Camp. Police arrested her  in the camp, and transferred her to Bethleham Women’s Prison; two weeks later to its Detention Ward, ‘The Villa’. She was interrogated many times by  CID Chief Kettling in order to repatriate her to Egypt and try her there as an accomplice to the assassination of Lord Moyne. Evidence lacking, Ada was released for house arrest June 1946, and rearrested during the wave of arrests following the explosion at the King David Hotel. Sent to Latrun B, she was released for house arrest six weeks later. After the Declaration of Independence she served in the IDF Navy, in partial-duty; she was discharged in 1947. June 1947 to 1979 she managed  ‘Ariel Fashion Ltd’, a  Tel-Aviv women’s clothing shop  established by her parents. She later worked as a secretary, in the military industry then for “Manpower”. Ada passed away on February 5, 2007.