Yosef was born April 1, 1910 in Rehovot to  Nechama and Chaim who had five children. His father was a farmer. The family owned vineyards from his grandfather, Zvi Appel.  Yosef studied Torah in Rehovot. His childhood  was difficult. During WWI, the Turks kidnapped his father for their army; his trace was lost forever. Their financial situation declined, property taken away, and Yosef got sent to the “Zion” orphanage in Jerusalem. He excelled in studies winning many awards. Yosef was active in Beitar, then Hagannah, then Etzel; with the split he joined Lehi. In the 30’s he worked manufacturing construction blocks, then as orchard labour manager where he met his future wife, Menucha Cohen, who’d immigrated from Poland. They were married on September 18, 1935. Menucha was his partner in Lehi activities.  Their yard held milk-cans containing weapons and documents. Their house was a refuge to underground members. In 1943 he was arrested with his brother-in-law Yitzchak Gershkovitz due to a  Rechovot informant and sent to Mizra. Yosef was transferred to Latrun. His imprisonment was severely difficult for his wife and six-year-old daughter. To earn their living she worked in an orchard,  in construction, and cleaning. Yosef was released from prison after 1.5 year, sentenced to house-arrest. He worked in diamond-polishing, then  Rechovot Municipality gardening, eventually becoming Head Gardener. With outbreak of the War of Independence he volunteered for the IDF, joined  Givati Brigade and participated in the southern-front battles. Injured in  battle in the Faluja area, he served  removing Egyptian mines. He also volunteered for military service during the Sinai Campaign. With  discharge, he resumed  work as Rechovot’s Chief Gardener. He helped in  immigrant absorption, improved  gardening at the Tel-Nof Air Base, and was awarded. In his late years he voluntarily managed a charity fund for the Pensioners Union; a likeable man, always ready to help. Menucha passed away on August 22, 1975. Yosef died of illness on January 13, 1996. Both are buried at the Rehovot Cemetery. He left behind a daughter and son, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.