Gershon was born in February 1914 in Mosyr  Russia to Dov and Hadassah. He immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1924, aged 10. His father was an educated nationalist-Zionist who wrote books, articles and poems on Jewish subjects. On arrival, his family resided in the ‘Machlul’ neighbourhood, at the Tel-Aviv coast.  Gershon studied at ‘Tachkemoni School’ and later at ‘Mikveh-Yisrael Agricultural School’, an established Hagannah stronghold. Nonetheless,  the nationalist seed  planted in him there, grew through the years,leading him to the Hebrew Nationalist Undergrounds. Following the  Arlozorov murder trial, Gershon joined the National Defence – which eventually became  Etzel – and took part in weapons training in the dunes. Meanwhile, his father had acquired land in Magdi’el (Sharon region); when he finished studies at Mikveh, Gershon began working his family’s land. This was compatible with Etzel’s demand  he settle in the Sharon. Thus, in 1935, he established an agricultural farm. Firstly he constructed a hut in which he lived until eventually building his own house with his own two hands. During the murderous Arab Riots of 1936-39 he took part in guarding Magdi’el and in Etzel’s retribution acts against the surrounding Arab villages, which housed the murderers of innocent Jews. In his home he built a weapons hideout. One day, Hagannah members arrived looking for weapons that Etzel had supposedly stolen from them. Gershon was interrogated and beaten, but remained silent. They found the weapons anyway and  took them. Gershon married Haya Bruckner 1938, who accompanied him faithfully throughout his underground years, a partner in all his underground activity. They had three children: Shne’or-Zalman, Asher, and Leah, plus fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

When Etzel split 1940, Gershon joined Yair and became a Lehi member. His home, hidden in the orchards, became a refuge for wanted Lehi members. Weapons storage room was  dug in it, and landmines were assembled within, used in attacks against the British on the roads, railroads, and attacks on their headquarters. With  establishment of the State, Gershon joined the IDF. Today he owns a mixed farm.