NAME: Amsterdemer Yosef

DATE OF BIRTH: November 10, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: June 17, 1962

Yosef Amstradamer, son of Genya and Yehosha, was born in Poland on Wednesday, November 10, 1926. In 1935 he made aliya with his family. In their home on Alsheich Street in Kerem Hateymanim, Tel Aviv, they maintained a religious way of life. Yosef studied in Tel Aviv, at Rabbi Amiel Yeshiva. He was a cadet in the religious youth movement, the Mizrahi Youth, which was affiliated with the Mizrahi movement. Yosef worked with his father at the Amrani bakery in front of their house. Despite being a member of the Haganah, Yosef approached Ze’ev Horev “Gidon” with a request to join Lehi. At the end of 1946, it was decided to recruit him to the Operations Division in Tel Aviv. His home and the bakery served as small arms training areas. Yosef participated in the attack and confiscation of weapons from the Afek police and Hakalaniot camp in Tel Aviv on HaYarkon Street near Ezra Sofir and Nehemiah Streets. Some of the weapons were temporarily concealed by Yosef and his father at Noni Bakery where they were working at the time. On May 29, 1948, together with most of the Lehi members, he joined the IDF in the 8nd Brigade, 82nd Battalion. On February 7, 1955, he married Malka Kimhi. They had two daughters, Gila and Etty. After his death, his third daughter was born and named after him, Yossefa. Yosef died on June 17th, 1962, leaving a pregnant wife and two daughters.