NAME: Amram Dinah nee Nagar



DATE OF DEATH: November 20, 2001

Dinah was born to Shalom and Tamar in Tel Aviv in 1928. The family had seven children. The father was traditional and followed Yemenite customs, raising sheep and goats. Their financial situation was dire. Dinah studied in Tel Aviv’s Kalischer School. At a young age, she left the school in order to help support the family.

In 1945, she joined Lehi, attending ideological course. She also went to a two-week firearms training course, and she joined Lehi’s operations division.

An uncle and two cousins were Lehi members as well: Yosef Yefet, Aharon Cohen and Hasson Yefet. The first of these was killed in the attack on the Haifa Railway Workshops. Aharon Cohen was imprisoned in Egypt.

Dinah was part of the Barclays Bank robbery in Tel Aviv; she confiscated food for Lehi members who were hiding and could not work. She participated in abducting Hagana members in response to the abduction of a Lehi member. She also was part of the demolition of the bridge near the Hatikvah neighborhood. When putting up posters became dangerous, she provided security for youths involved in that activity. In one case, she personally saw youths being arrested by British soldiers who patrolled the city in pairs; they were brought to the North Tel Aviv Police Station. Shimshon, a Lehi member who was also providing security, was worried about the youths and stormed the police station; although he disarmed the guard at the front, he was soon killed by the officers above. This was a sight she could never forget.

Once the State was established, she joined the IDF on 1.6.1948 with other Lehi members at Sheikh Munis. She joined Battalion 82 and was a combat medic in a half-track. She took pat in the battles of Lod, Iraq al-Suwaydan, Beersheba and others.

She was discharged when the battalion was disbanded. She married Zechariah, a cabdriver, in Tel Aviv in 1954; he was a former IZL members and an IDF disabled person. As was the rule in those days, she continued doing reserve duty after marriage.

The family moved to Rehovot. They had seven children. Zechariah passed away in 1980, when Dinah still had young children, which she had to raise on her own. From 1997 on, Dinah lived near one of her daughters who had been recently widowed. Dinah helped raise her daughter’s young children. She remained an optimistic, bright and helpful woman, ready to help all in need.