NAME: Aloni Yehudit nee Bruder

DATE OF BIRTH: October 23, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: January 1, 1998

Yehudit  was born  October 23, 1923 in Warsaw Poland, to Bruria and Chayim,

traditional Zionists who owned a leather products workshop.

Her father acquired “The Shekel”, allowing him voting privileges at Zionist institutions. Yehudit was educated at a Polish school. Aged 12, she left Poland  with her parents, sister Shoshana and  brother Shaikeh to make Aliyah. They settled in the ‘Nachlat-Ganim’ neighbourhood. Her father manufactured  leather wallets; her mother was a housewife. Yehudit  studied at the Workers’ Children school and joined ‘Hano’ar-Hao’ved’ youth. After elementary school, at 14, she went  to work to help her family’s income. In 1939 she met her future husband, Eliyahu Meisels – Etzel member at the time- who brought her closer to right-wing circles and the idea of the independent State of Israel. Following the Etzel split Eliyahu joined Lehi. They got married 1942, living in Tel-Aviv. Yehudit joined Lehi, despite her parents’ objections. She was mother to one-year-old twins at the time but despite the danger, they sheltered Latrun escapees and other wanted Lehi members at their house, and hid arms under the children’s cradle. In 1946, due to a malfunction while assembling mines, her husband was hurt and their house was frequently visited and  searched by British police; she had to move. She took her family to Karkur, Kfar-Shmariayhu and Kfar-Ono; being ‘wanted’ by the British, she changed her family name and ID’s  to cover her tracks. In all their  houses they sheltered members of all underground organisations. A day after Bernadotte’s assassination, Yehudit’s house was surrounded by soldiers, and intelligence personnel.  Although Eliyahu had already joined the army, they searched for him and for suspicious material, not found. Following  establishment of the State, Yehudit volunteered with the Defence Dept.’s section caring for bereaved families. She volunteered 25 years  in MICHA (institution for impaired children) and donated generous sums to settlements in Judea and Samaria. An unusual human being, her hand always reached out to the needy. Yehudit passed away on January 1, 1998, following an illness. She left behind  husband Eliyahu, three sons and nine grandchildren.