Yael was born in Lodz Poland on September 20,1930, only child of  Flora and Yitzchak Vardi (Rosenfeld). During the early thirties the family made Aliyah. Her father was an associate in a large textile factory and the family was well off.

They lived in Tel-Aviv, and Yael studied at “Geula” elementary and High-School. She was a very pretty girl, popular among her peers. She was a member of  ‘Maccabi-Tsa’ir’ youth movement. There, her close friend Shaul Aloni, destined to be her husband, recruited her to Lehi.

Yael was active in the Youth Department, involved in pasting up posters, circulating info-material, surveillance activity and ideological meetings. Afterwards she was involved for a long period in sending info-materials abroad. She hid  her membership and activity in Lehi from her parents; when they found out, they strongly opposed it and made it very difficult for her to leave for duty. Yael, who had a strong character and  great determination, succeeded  in continuing her  participation in Lehi activities despite the difficulties placed in her way. When she was almost eighteen, she joined the IDF and served in the Ordnance Corps. In 1950 she began her studies at the Law School of the Hebrew University Jerusalem. She received her licence to practice law in 1957, following her internship at the Tel-Aviv Prosecutor’s Office. In 1953 Yael married Shaul Aloni, who would later became a judge in the District Courthouse of Tel-Aviv. They had two children, Daphne and Boaz;  Boaz was killed during his military service 1979. Daphne had two sons, Omri and Boaz. Yael worked in her profession for a short while only. She died young, following a long illness on May 13,1967. Her parents died after her. Yael was buried in the cemetery of Holon.