Balfour was born  1933 in Iraq, to  Eliya and  Rina. That year the family emigrated to Israel and resided in Jerusalem. He joined Lehi aged 13 and pasted up info-bulletins. Saturdays, conversations were held between the trainees who listened to interpretations of ongoing events. They were taught to use weapons, never meeting more than twice at the same place.

After several months of activities, their instructor failed to show up. They didn’t know how to reach him.  Balfour found out by chance, that he’d been assassinated by British Officer Faran, and that his name was Alexander Robovitch.  A female instructor replaced him, later killed in the explosion of Lehi’s weapon-storage place in Jerusalem. Balfour was active in the youth department  of Jerusalem, participating in most of the regional activities. His mother worried  he might end up in one of the undergrounds and arranged for him to work with Kaduri Nakar, father of Meir Nakar, who was later hung. Eventually Balfour discovered  his father knew about his Lehi involvement  but never said a word. He was a Zionist and had named his other two children  Herzl, and Ziona. During the Independence War, Lehi’s first camp was at Sheikh-Bader, Jerusalem. Balfour and his friends were taught weapons usage there. From there they moved  to Lifta, and received weapons and clothes left by the British in the Russian Compound. During the war Balfour’s division were brought to Notre Dame where they took up positions from which they guarded the Old City walls day and night. They moved  to Lehi’s  Talbiyeh Camp and continued  training in diverse weapons. One  day, the weapons storage place exploded, killing 5 members. Grief was intense; word of the explosion spread throughout Jerusalem. Lehi fighters attempted to break through the city walls, but failed. Balfour’s link with Lehi was broken with  Count Bernadotte’s assassination. Today Balfour lives in Tel-Aviv  married to Zamira nee Dosh; they have five children and ten grandchildren. He  managed  a factory manufacturing children’s shoes, but was forced to resign on account of his health.