NAME: Alon (Yazdi) Sasson



DATE OF DEATH: April 27, 1990

Sasson was born in 1921 in Afghanistan in a family of seventeen children, to his father Ya’acov and his mother Leah. His father was a butcher and his mother took care of her many children. The family made Aliyah in 1929, after undergoing many hardships and mortal danger.  They settled in Jerusalem. Sasson studied at a Talmud-Torah a few years and began working aged nine. In 1941 he married Miryam Rabbi, another native of Afghanistan and future underground member as well. In 1946 Sasson joined Lehi, followed by his wife. Shortly afterwards, their house became a center for circulating explanatory materials and  organizing the pasting-up of info-bulletins. The lads  engaged in this activity were issued their paste here; it was their departure point for a highly risky action in Jerusalem, especially at that time. British Police  searches in the house yielded nothing, because all incriminating evidence was wisely concealed. Sasson and his wife  also recruited additional members to Lehi. In 1948, following the UN Partition descision, when Lehi began operating as a military unit in Jerusalem against the Arabs’ aggression, Sasson took part in the battles. Following  Count Bernadotte’s assassination, he was arrested and imprisoned in Tel-Litvinsky, with five other Lehi members. His family had no idea of his whereabouts for months, and the days were days of the War of Independence.

As mentioned, Sasson began working aged nine. His entire life, he was  a man of labour, a professional tinsmith and metal-repair tech in his shop at the ‘Bukharian’ neighbourhood. His workshop became a centre for Lehi members, visited by many of his comrades after the underground period as well, to reminisce. Sasson consecrated much of his time for selflessly helping out his friends.  He passed away on April 27, 1990, following an illness. The Alons (Yazdis) had eight children, including a child who died in infancy. Several of their children, three sons and four daughters, are academics. The couple have twenty grandchildren.