Miriam  Rabbi, was born in 1926 in Afghanistan to her father Nechemya and her mother Shifra, to a family of four sisters and three brothers. Her father was a merchant. The family made Aliyah 1928, after severe hardships, dangerous adventures and an exhausting journey. They settled in Jerusalem and Miriam studied at ‘Shpitzer’ SchooL til sixth grade.

In 1941 she married Sasson Alon (Yezdi), who was himself recruited to Lehi in 1946. Their house became a focal point of activity, particularly in  circulating  information explanatory material. Miriam too was recruited to the underground. She was already looking after her children at the time, so she  concentrated on keeping her house open for use by members distributing info materials, pasting up  bulletins, and for underground members  needing a place to stay. She cooked the glue for pasting-up the bulletins, and welcomed boys and girls who’d  head out for their activities from her house, at the “Beit-Yisrael” neighborhood . During one of the searches which took place in her home, Miriam had to involve her four-year-old son Amnon,  to hide the info-material stored at her house. She was often  harassed by disapproving  neighbours, whose suspicions grew  in face of constant activity buzzing around her house. Miriam also helped her husband recruit new members for Lehi. Following the assassination of Count Bernadotte, her husband was arrested. Miriam, with her young children then, had  absolutely no idea of his whereabouts and feared for his safety. When he returned, their family grew to seven children: three boys, four girls. Some of them acquired a higher education. In 1990 Sasson passed away from an illness. Miriam lives in Jerusalem, grandmother of twenty grandchildren, whom she  continues to dote on and care for.