NAME: Alkalai Shlomo


DATE OF BIRTH: April 28, 1921

Shlomo was born on April 28, 1921 in Heskovo Bulgaria to  Rachamim and Rivka. He attended kindergarten and  first grade at Hebrew school, then studied at the Plovdiv French College,  where his parents moved 1934. He joined Beitar and in 1938, studies completed, registered at the Sofia Economics Faculty. With the outbreak of WWII, registered as a student in Israel, he emigrated. On arrival he met  Bulgarian Lehi members and joined Lehi. At this time many Lehi members were arrested; Shlomo managed to avoid arrest. He was active in the Tel-Aviv region. After the assassination of Yair, he was transferred to serve in Jerusalem. After Yitzhak Shamir’s escape from Mizra, he returned to Tel-Aviv; after the Latrun escape, he was charged with renting a villa in Tel-Litvinski. He did this with Pnina Ze’ev (Ruth), supposedly his wife. He used the name of Shlomo Isaacson, supposedly the relative of a prominent citrus grower. Veteran Lehi member Zvi Frunin, a wanted  man with a price on his head, resided with them.  ‘Gera’ (Nathan Yelin-Mor,  Lehi ‘Center’ head, one of the Latrun escapees) lived at the villa.  Shlomo was the contact person between ‘Gera’ and ‘Michael’ Yitzhak Shamir. Going to work in the morning, he’d take mail from ‘Gera’, and on return, delivered letters from ‘Michael’. Ruth was the housewife looking after them. For a while, the villa was an important underground location. Shlomo was involved in translating the publication “Hachazit” to French. Later on, he worked for Department Six and for the Supporters Branch. He participated in attacks, especially land-mining roads against British vehicles. He studied at Tel-Aviv School of Law and Economics, and worked as a clerk in Discount Bank. With establishment of the State, he joined the IDF as part of the Lehi Brigade, serving in the 82nd Battalion, 8th Brigade, as battalion Signals Sergeant, participating in all the battles up to the Egyptian border. After discharge, he worked in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, graduated from Law School and ran a Tel-Aviv law firm. He is married to Vicky nee Rosenfeld; they have two children, Riva and Rami, plus four grandchildren.