NAME: Albo Avigdor Victor


DATE OF BIRTH: January 1, 1922

DATE OF DEATH: August 5, 2015

Victor Albo, son of Pesach, was born on the 1st of January 1922, he made aliya on June 29, 1982. Victor Albo had a PhD in Economy, was a Romanian army officer and a member of Beitar. He fled Romania after the Russians entered. He joined Lehi in Italy. He was proficient in the Italian language and handled translations. He went to Romania several times to smuggle groups of refugees from Eastern Europe through Yugoslavia to Italy. He would identify people that were interested in taking action, and Herzel Amikam recruited them to Lehi. In June 1946 he went on a mission to Brazil. When in Lehi in Italy, he was under the command of Herzel Amikam “Amikam” and Avraham Blass “Mediator”. When in Brazil, he was under the command of Israel Shekel. On January 21, 1949, he joined the IDF as part of a recruitment from abroad.

He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.

Victor died on August 5, 2015, and was laid to rest in the new cemetery in Be’ersheva.