Yaacov was born April 26, 1924 in Pezargik Bulgaria, to Shabbat and Leah. He studied at a Hebrew school and received a Zionist education leading him to  Beitar. He made Aliya  1941 aboard the clandestine ship  ‘Dorian’,  captured by the British. He was imprisoned at Mizra, Akko and Atlit, one year and a half. Yaacov joined Lehi 1942. He served as contact person between top members. Following a  weapons/explosives course,  he was put in charge of a fighters Cell  engaged in circulation of info-material, surveillance and storing weapons. After a Commanders course he was placed in charge of operations in the Sharon and Samaria regions. He become one of Lehi’s top fighters, among its most courageous. Later he was put in charge of operations in the Haifa area. He was injured in an explosion at the Lehi workshop Tel-Aviv, and  the Barclay’s Bank funds expropriation operation in Tel-Aviv. He also took part in: the attempted assassination of High Commissioner MacMichael, detonating  two bridges near Yavneh, the attack on the paratroopers camp Tel-Aviv, on the military camp in Holon and confiscating its weaponry,  blowing up the Intelligence building on Jaffa-Tel-Aviv road, attack on the British Airport at  Kfar-Sirkin, blowing up ‘Spitfire’ fighter-planes, and  many more  funds confiscation operations. He planned and carried out the explosion of military targets in Netanya, and  Pardes-Hana, blew up two train bridges near Binyamina and sabotaged trains in Samaria. In Haifa he planned and led the operation to assassinate Detective Keely, blew up the Najada building and the rioting Gangs’ HQ. When Lehi members enlisted in the IDF, he joined the 8th Battalion’s 89th Brigade, as first lieutenant. He took part in Operation ‘Dani’, conquest of Beit-Jubrin and  Iraq-Souidan police stations,  conquest of the Negev, Uja el-Hafir and all of the Brigade’s operations in the War of Independence. He was discharged 1951. As  reservist he fought in the Sinai Campaign,  Six Day War, and  Yom Kippur War as Major. In 1947 he married Rina Blumstein (‘Sarah’).They have two sons, Dov and Ofer and six grandchildren. Yaacov worked in coffee and spice trade, retiring in 2000.