Uri was born  May 9, 1926 in Vienna Austria. His father Yisrael, was a merchant whose frequent business trips led the children’s education to be conducted by mother Frieda. He studied at elementary school. In 1939, he was sent with a children sponsored by Baron Rothschild, to Paris; living in the Baron’s mansion they received a unique education. Following the German conquest of Paris, Uri was transferred with the children to the forests of south France. They joined the Jewish French resistance “Magius”, annexed to the general “Resistance”. Uri, fulfilled  dangerous tasks there, including smuggling  Jewish children to Switzerland. Arrested by the Germans, he was sent to a concentration camp in France, but being of Aryan appearance, disguised as a German child, he escaped and returned to underground activity in France. He participated in eliminating traitors, who informed on Jews. Uri was re-arrested  by the Germans, interrogated under heavy torture, and sentenced to death. Just before execution he got sent to Bergen-Belzen. With a few friends he jumped off the train, escaping. Arriving in Israel  1945, he joined Lehi. As a painter and sculptor he excelled in forging documents for many important operations. The main instrument for preparing those documents sat in an apartment which painter Reuven Meiski rented in Tel-Aviv; identity cards, car registrations, passports, import permits and other documents were hidden there behind a specially built wall. Following the assassination of Bernadotte, Uri was arrested with many Lehi members, put in Jaffa Prison. During a  prisoners’ riot he escaped, joining those who  fled like himself and  hid until the general amnesty. Then he joined his comrades in the IDF, in the 89th Battalion of the 8th Brigade. He took part in all its battles, as an officer. After discharge he left to study architecture in Paris, through a scholarship given him by the “Maquis” French Underground. Back in Israel, he became a highly successful architect and planned the Herzl Museum in Jerusalem, various hotels, Tsavta Theatre in Tel-Aviv and more.

Uri married Angela, from Switzerland. He passed away abruptly, on February , aged only 48.