NAME: Ofer Shmuel


DATE OF BIRTH: April 10, 1914

DATE OF DEATH: October 9, 1963

Shmuel was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, on April 10, 1914, to a warm family of six children, of whom Shmuel was the youngest boy. The father was a grocer, while the mother was a homemaker. At age fifteen, Shmuel joined Beitar and was active in it. At 25, he left his family to make aliyah with the illegal Af al Pi program in 1939. Once he made aliyah, he contacted Beitar and was sent to Netanya. While in Beitar, he was recruited for the IZL, and when that split, he joined Lehi.

He participated in attacks on British bases, and was arrested and detained in Mizra, Jaffa and Acre. One time he managed to escape to the orchards near Atlit. He was arrested again in Tel Aviv, then was transferred to Latrun. He was included in the first group of 251 prisoners whom the British exiled to Africa on October 19, 1944. He was held at Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea), Carthago (Sudan), back in Eritrea and finally in Gilgil (Kenya). Wherever he ended up, he would serve as the barber for his comrades.

On 14 May 1947, he was released and returned to the Land of Israel, after six years of detention in Israel and abroad.

In 1948, as the State and IDF were established, he enlisted for regular army service.

He married Vida and they had two daughters, and eventually grandchildren, but he did not meet them.

After the war, he dedicated his life to his family. His warm and social character was expressed among all around him.

He was felled by a severe illness, passing away on Hoshana October 9, 1963