NAME: Achissar (Ekhyzer) Chaim


DATE OF BIRTH: May 12, 1925

DATE OF DEATH: May 16, 2014

Chaim was born May 12, 1925, in Warsaw Poland to Naftali and Frieda. His father, orphaned at early age, was a master carpenter, his mother a housewife. They had two more sons and a daughter; Naftali was the youngest. The eldest son, a Beitar member, made Aliyah illegally 1932 followed by their father, who laid an economic base, returned to Poland 1935 and brought back his family. Eldest son,Yitzchak-Yekutiel tragically drowned at Tel-Aviv’s sea 1934. Chaim studied at Tachkemoni School Tel-Aviv, was in the scouts and Maccabi Tsa’ir. Aged 14 he joined Etzel. During its split he joined Lehi.  Following Yair’s assassination, he and his friends joined Tuvia’s group, advocating a brief Lehi ceasefire, to filter out  agents within Lehi. Chaim enlisted in the British Army due to delay in the group’s rejoining the main body of fighters. He renewed his connection with Lehi 1946. While a soldier, he transferred  shipments to and from Egypt for Lehi. He took part in funds appropriation, land-mining  military vehicles, and grenades thrown in Sharona. On his way to assassinate British Sergeant Kealey August 10, 1947, he suffered a head-injury when a grenade exploded. Captured and sentenced to twenty years, he sat in Akko, Jerusalem and Atlit Prisons; he escaped with inmate Peter Martosh March 1948, disguised as a  British soldier. Chaim served in Lehi’s Jerusalem units during the Siege on Jerusalem. On May 15, 1948 he suffered a second injury, metal shrapnel in his temple, when hit upon Notre Dame’s deadly roof explosion. When the perilous  Burma Road  to Jerusalem, was forged, Chaim regularly transported supplies, weapons and ammunition to Lehi in Jerusalem. He joined the IDF July 1948, serving in Company A of the 89th Battalion’s 8th Brigade; Platoon Commander, and Signals Sergeant, fighting in all the Company’s battles during the War of Independence. In 1949 Chaim married Hagana member Tsipora Goldenberg. They had two sons, Yaron and Ehud,  a daughter, Michal and five grandchildren. Chaim worked in ‘Tnuva’ at different positions, simultaneously studying at Tel-Aviv University, completing his BA with honors in Biblical study and Jewish History in Israel. In 1990 he retired.