Shlomo was born on September 18, 1930 in Tel-Aviv. His father, Avraham, was a Hebrew Brigadier, descendant of  pioneers renewing  Jewish presence in Jaffa. His mother, Virginie Shimla, had graduated from ‘Neve-Zedek’s Girl’s School’. Shlomo studied at ‘Alliance’ elementary school in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and  ‘Herzliya High-School’. He completed his Baccalaureate through external exams. He was a member of “Maccabi-Hatsa’ir”, and already then his nationalist opinions were forming. Shlomo was recruited to Lehi in 1946, due to information concerning his siding with the underground’s cause. At the time he was  apprenticing with the British “Cable & Wireless” company, which held the monopoly over telegram transmission to and from Israel, channelling most of the British regime’s telegram traffic. He managed to supply Lehi’s Intelligence Unit with weekly reports, telegram copies and reports containing updates regarding what was taking place within the British, Arab, Armenian, and Greek Administrations. Also, information regarding wealthy Sepharadic Jews who had nationalist inclinations. The information, including vital intelligence data, continued to be delivered even after November 29, 1948.

On May 29, 1948 he joined the IDF and served in the 7th Brigade’s  Research and Intelligence Department. He took part in the battles of Latrun and in  ‘Operation Hiram’ in the Galilee. He served 35 years as a reservist. Shlomo completed his education at the University of Tel-Aviv. He studied advertising, public-relations, social psychology and more, spoke five languages, and worked in advertising and for the State’s Film Department.

Involved in Israel’s public life, he’s served as: Chairman of the Committee of Sepharadic Communities – Tel-Aviv region; Vice President of the Sepharadic Federation Israel, and member of the World Executive Sephardic Federation Board; Vice-Chairman of the Spanish-Israeli Friendship League; member of the Jewish Agency’s Financial Committee and other organisations.

He participated in Zionist Congresses, and wrote articles regarding society matters and advertisement. In 2001 he was awarded the “Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality Esteemed Citizen” award for his extensive contribution.