NAME: Abadi Haim


DATE OF BIRTH: Hanuka 1934

Haim grew up in Jerusalem and was a member of the Brit Hacheshmonaim. Yosef, his instructor in the movement, tried to gather information regarding his opinions on the situation in Israel until he finally told him that he was a member of the resistance and asked Haim if he wanted to join. Haim remembers angry he and his friends were at the British, how they didn’t trust them and wanted to kick them out of the country and therefore he felt he had to take part in the underground struggle against them.

Sometime after the conversation with Yosef, an unknown man approached Haim and began a casual conversation, he then started asking Haim questions about his views on the British before revealing that he was from the Lehi and suggested that Haim join. This man introduced Haim to an instructor named Arnona and other friends. Thus, at the age of 13, Haim joined Lehi.

Arnona trained him and his friends, she explained about Lehi and gave them motivational talks. During this time, he worked in his parents’ bakery and when he had to go to Arnona’s classes, he would say that he was with friends or at a Haheshmonaim meeting. At night he would sneak in, because he could not tell his family about the Lehi until the independence of Israel, after which being part of an underground became more legitimate.

Every few weeks, at night, he and his Lehi friends would go out to hang posters. Some of the posters were glued to walls and some, they threw into houses through open windows. They had to work in silence and with agility – hang the poster and move on. One night they were spotted and chased for several blocks. Following instructions they received, they threw the rest of the posters and equipment and ran in different directions. While running, Haim suffered a leg injury and the scar that remained was like a souvenir that gave him strength for many months and until today.

After the independence of Israel, Haim continued his activities in Lehi, and was mainly in “Eldad’s” camp in Jerusalem, where he was taught by Nechama Cohen, worked as a guard and make deliveries. After some Lehi members decided to build a kibbutz in the Negev, he and other friends moved to Neve Yair to help. He then returned to Jerusalem and enlisted to the Armored Corps.