Immanuel was born on August 8,1931 to his parents Nissim and Avigail. He grew up in the ‘Neve-Zedek’ neighbourhood, south Tel-Aviv. His father was a tailor and passed away when Immanuel was merely seven. He moved to live with his grandmother and studied at  ‘Tachkemoni School’. At Bar-Mitzvah age, he returned to his mother’s home in north Tel-Aviv. He started working at the “Sadan” casting factory; evenings he studied at  ‘Max Fine Vocational School’.

He joined  ‘Maccabi-Tsa’ir’, where his good nature and pleasantness stood out. He excelled in playing  harmonica and mandolin and created flutes out of reeds which he played wonderfully. Immanuel supported his family financially. At Maccabi-Tsa’ir he was influenced by his friend Yochanan Cohen (Geula Cohen’s brother), joined Etzel, and took part in the conquest of Jaffa. The death of his friends killed in battle devastated him. He joined  Lehi and at 17, enlisted with his friends in the IDF. He was placed in the 89th Battalion, 8th Brigade, under the command of Yitzchak Sadeh. Despite the attempt to discharge him for being under-aged, he insisted on remaining part of the Brigade and serving as a combat-arms soldier in the War. He was sent to a Platoon Commanders course, received the rank of sergeant when graduating the course, but refused to serve without his friends; he chose serving instead as a private. He fought in all of the 8th Brigade’s battles. On the 26th Kislev 5709, December 1948, Immanuel was killed in the battle of Uja-el-Chafir, during ‘Operation Chorev’. He was buried at the military section of Nachalat-Yitzchak cemetery.

He left behind his mother, his two sisters and his brother.