We never returned to base – DVD


המלאי אזל



the biggest operation execute by the fighters for the freedom of Israel in the framework of resistance movement the goal was the destruction of the British rule’s transpotation infrastructure in Israel and to undermine the british confidence in controlling the main artery connecting three continents.
A group of elite fighters was sent to the task, fueled with great motivation and a determination to complete the mission despite the great dangers.
The workshop location was surrounded by british military camps, local police, oil refineries and a guarded airport.
The operation was carried out and all the targets for destruction were blownup. we had succeeded! the boys were happy in the retreat truck, but the merriment was premature… at the entrance to Kiryat Ata they were trapped in an ambush the british has set up for them and a terrible force of fire was showered upon them. Did any of them survive?