Four men – an hour – a dream – DVD




Four names… four members of the Freedom Fighters of Israel Underground (lehi). These were names they chose to hide behind to aviod being exposed by the enemy or by hostile surroundings. great british had betrayed on their pledge to establish a national home for the jewish people in their homeland – Eretz Israel. 1944: found lehi in the middle of fighting a bitter battel against the british rule in Israel – A FIGHT TO THE DEATH.
the four:
Elisha – Yerachmiel Aharonson in Tel Aviv
Baruch – Yosef Rosenboim in Haifa
Tzion – Shabtai Druker and Elazar – Menachem Lunz in Yavniel
All four sharing one chain of events, following each other, challenged by the same fate – that of no return..